Our Past Projects

Welcome to Darkwood Crew

Darkwood Crew is a constituted group of local residents who have a very clear aim of ‘helping Ferguslie flourish’ with a strong environmental ethos, focusing on 5 key areas

#FoodInsecurity  #FuelPoverty  #Isolation&Loneliness  #MentalHealthPositivity #TheLocalEnvironment

Our work is underpinned by a belief that our local environment holds the key to addressing a number of historical social problems in the community including, but not limited to, health inequalities, long term unemployment, poor educational attainment, poor mental health, social exclusion & isolation.

Future Projects  


Path Improvement

Plan Phase 2.0

Path Improvement Plan Phase 2.0

Planned for 2021

Community Garden & Growing Area 1.0

We have been successful in sustaining £4810 from Renfrewshire Council Green Spaces Fund to establish a community garden and growing are adjacent to Darkwood Court.

It is hoped this will provide oppurtunities for both formal and informal learning as well as contributing to the personal development of volunteers with the ultimate aim of our grown yield going towards our ongoing focus on tackling #FoodInsecurity locally

Planned for 2021

Community Art Mural on the Village Green

We were successful recently in securing £2k from the Celebrating Renfrewshire Fund as part of a joint application with local artist Alisha Smyth.

It's hoped the project planned for Spring 2021 will result in a community inspired and led arts mural on the village green building on Alisha's recent John Byrne Award competition entry

Planned for Spring 2021

Community Pantry

We are currently working in partnership with several organisations as part of a Renfrewshire-wide Food Network.

We have now started to explore the potential of establishing a Community Pantry as part of our Covid Recovery Legacy, building resilience within the community for the future to combat #FoodInsecurity

Planned for 2021



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