Food Support

Welcome to Darkwood Crew

Darkwood Crew is a constituted group of local residents who have a very clear aim of ‘helping Ferguslie flourish’ with a strong environmental ethos, focusing on 5 key areas

#FoodInsecurity  #FuelPoverty  #Isolation&Loneliness  #MentalHealthPositivity #TheLocalEnvironment

Our work is underpinned by a belief that our local environment holds the key to addressing a number of historical social problems in the community including, but not limited to, health inequalities, long term unemployment, poor educational attainment, poor mental health, social exclusion & isolation.

Mental Health Support

Kickin' On Zoom Calls

Local charity Kickin' On are hosting weekly zoom calls for men and women only groups starting on Fridays from 7pm (more information available from their Facebook page here

Kickin’ On aims to bring people together in a safe and non-judgemental environment to share their struggles with people who are going through the same or similar.

Ferguslie Counselling Service

The Tannahill Centre in association with Lifelink and The Scottish Government offer free and confidential counselling sessions available to all and easy to access

Use our handy information guide below (or download pdf guide here) for more information on accessing this service or call 0141 552 4434 mentioning 'The Tannahill Centre' to make your first appointment

How Do I Prepare For My Counselling
Session ?

You should be alone in a quiet space where you will be free from interruption, some suggestions might be to lock pets out of the room, ask a partner to take children out for some exercise, or if you're a single parent finding a movie or show that will keep the kids entertained long enough to make time for you

Will The Tannahill Centre or My Doctor Know I've Attended ?

No, Lifelink is a private counselling service and will not appear on your medical records.

Lifelink will not disclose to The Tannahill Centre who has accessed the counselling service from Ferguslie Park

Is The Service Confidential ?

Confidentiality will be maintained by Lifelink. In exceptional circumstances where the person attending counselling is at risk of harm to themselves or others, and is unwilling to remove this risk Lifelink may need to break confidentiality to protect them or others



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