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Welcome to Darkwood Crew

Darkwood Crew is a constituted group of local residents who have a very clear aim of ‘helping Ferguslie flourish’ with a strong environmental ethos, focusing on 5 key areas

#FoodInsecurity  #FuelPoverty  #Isolation&Loneliness  #MentalHealthPositivity #TheLocalEnvironment

Our work is underpinned by a belief that our local environment holds the key to addressing a number of historical social problems in the community including, but not limited to, health inequalities, long term unemployment, poor educational attainment, poor mental health, social exclusion & isolation.

Past Projects

Walking With Nature 

For a special 6 week competition programme we are running a 'Walking With Nature' feature in association with Paths For All 

Each week we will be running a different theme based around 'micro volunteering' and the small grassroots differences we can all make to our environment, a lucky winner will be in for the chance of winning a £20 voucher, to enter head over to our Facebook page and check out our page here

March 2021

Global Recycling Day 

The 18th of March 2021 is #GlobalRecyclingDay and an important day to mark the considerable contribution our group has made to #ReduceReuseRecycle 

As a collective we have saved a staggering 17.82 tonnes of surplus food from going to waste and being redistributed throughout our community along with more than 114 household appliances saved from landfill.

You can see more of our groups statistics here and a word from our project leader Terry McTernan on our continued work on building a greener more sustainable community here

March 2021

The Voice Behind Our Town 

'The Voice Behind Our Town' is a collaboration with Creative Director of In Motion Theatre Lisa Nicoll to create fictional monologues of the people of Ferguslie Park including our own Terry McTernan.

This initial performance premiered on Thursday 17th of December as part of the Future Paisley Initiative and can be viewed in full here

December 2020

Social Isolation Bingo Bus / Street Slosh

Our #SocialIsolationBingoBus was by far our most popular and therefore most successful community engagement project throughout lockdown. Working in partnership with Linstone Housing Association, Community Transport Glasgow & Coresford Tenants and Resident Association  we were able to host 91 sessions of #SocialIsolationBingo across a 6 month period.

This brilliantly innovative initiative provided a much needed distraction for all during lockdown resulting in over 2700 treat bags being distributed to local children with over 800 prizes being won by our lucky participants and a renewed sense of community spirit we would argue is unrivalled anywhere else in the country.

November 2020 

Path Improvement Plan Phase 1.0

Thanks to support from Paths For All we were able to implement the first phase of our proposed 3 phase path improvement plan on the village green. Phase 1.0 saw the introduction of the infrastructure necessary to allow the green space to be used for its intended purpose. These improvements included 2 accessibility ramps, 4 picnic benches, 6 public benches, a flower bed and a significant improvement in the green infrastructure of the whole area with the introduction of a regular maintenance program. It is hoped the area will now be more accessible and accommodating for local residents allowing them easier access to local services in a more physically active way.


January Rejuvenation of Darkwood Court

Working in partnership with Darkwood court residents & Sally Logan (Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, Renfrewshire Council) our commited volunteers were able to greatly improve the garden areas of our local shletered housing complex. As part of the Volunteering Matters Action Earth campaign we were able to introduce a number of features aimed at improving conditions for local wildlife as well as tackling #IsolationAndLoneliness by providing inter-generational volunteering opportunities for residents.  A complete jet wash of the mono-blocked areas as well as the introduction of a bird table, bird bath and a variety of other bird feeders make up some of the improvements. We are confident these improvements are very welcome and would like to offer our sincere thanks to residents for the constant supply of tea and biscuits throughout the project

January 2020

Ferguslie Flourishes Community Planting Project

As part of Volunteering Matters Earth Action campaign we were able to host a community planting workshop at our community meal provision. All children in attendance were able to learn about and take part in bulb planting with clear instructions of how to look after it properly in anticipation of some #SpringSurprises. Some kids regularly uploaded photos of their plants progress to our Facebook page. Blooming Brilliant ! 


Sustainable Christmas Display

Sustainable Christmas Display


Village Green Regeneration

One of our first projects was contributing to a local force of over 700 volunteers from 20 grassroots community organisations who teamed up to clean up Renfrewshire

October 2018



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