Welcome to Darkwood Crew

Darkwood Crew is a constituted group of local residents who have a very clear aim of ‘helping Ferguslie flourish’ with a strong environmental ethos, focusing on 5 key areas

#FoodInsecurity  #FuelPoverty  #Isolation&Loneliness  #MentalHealthPositivity #TheLocalEnvironment

Our work is underpinned by a belief that our local environment holds the key to addressing a number of historical social problems in the community including, but not limited to, health inequalities, long term unemployment, poor educational attainment, poor mental health, social exclusion & isolation.

A word from our Project Lead

"Without the constant support of our dedicated group of volunteers and community activists none of the work we do would be possible, their time, energy and commitment to the project are our foundational cornerstone and represent the true meaning of community"

Sincere thanks to all of our volunteers

Terry McTernan
Project Lead / Secretary

Our Team

Community Market/ Environmental Maintenance and Regeneration



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